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Who We Are

Nestled in the shadow of Peters Mountain, The First National Bank of Peterstown provides, a steady, conservative, locally owned and operated banking facility for the community and surrounding areas.

Chartered in 1910, the Bank began operations under the leadership of J.E. Hansbarger, President, and O.P. Vines, Cashier. At that time, a lot at the corner of Market and Mill Streets was secured and plans drawn for the first Bank building. The old Bank building served the community until November 1988, when the present facility at 380 Market Street, Peterstown, WV opened for business. The bank just opened a new full service branch located at 110 Old Virginia Avenue in Narrows, VA .

The Bank has a history of strong leadership beginning with J.E. Hansbarger and O.P. Vines, joining the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914. Leaders include as President: J.E. Hansbarger 1910-1925; A.E. Shumate 1926-1928; S.Y. Symns 1928; T.L. Crotshin 1929-1934; E.I. Terry 1934-1950; Clarence Symns 1950-1951; J.M. Long 1951-1952; M.P. Lawrence 1952-1964; James J. Terry 1964-1987; Gilbert Childs 1987-1989; A. Thomas Francis 1989-2001; William A. Bailey 2001-2014. Leaders include as Cashier and Chief Executive Officer: O.P. Vines 1910-1916; J.S. Taylor 1916-1923; J. Henry Hansbarger 1923-1942; B.A. Roberts 1942-1949; Arnold Broyles 1949-1972; A. Thomas Francis 1972-2001, William A Bailey 2001-2014.

The Bank’s current management team includes: Jeremy W. Brown, Chief Executive Officer, President and CFO; John D. Helvey, Vice President and Compliance Officer; Christopher W. Whitt, Cashier.

In October 2000, at a special meeting, The First National Bank of Peterstown became a wholly owned subsidiary of Peterstown Bancorp, a holding company owned by the Bank’s shareholders.
With over 100 years of operation, the Bank continues to provide leadership in the community. The Bank is known as a strong contributor to the local area and meets the business, education, agricultural, and lending needs of the community.

Just as Peters Mountain is a continuous presence in Monroe County, The First National Bank of Peterstown had provided stability throughout the past century, and intends to remain a continuous presence for years to come. The Bank has persevered through historical times in the world, including two world wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the Great Depression, even space exploration and the explosion of technology – while at all times keeping customer and community service as the main focus. We are very excited to continue this tradition of stability and community into Giles County with our new branch located in Narrows Virgiinia. We would like to thank both Narrows and Giles County for the warm welcome and hope to play an active role in the continuted development of the local economy.

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